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I hate it when I’m at the hair salon and…

February 21, 2013

… I have to share my pre-booked slot with, it seems, about 10 other people mad.

You know those times when you’ve made the effort to call the hair salon beforehand and book a convenient slot.  Your day is planned with military precision, you’ve got lots to do including an hour set aside for a wash, steam and set at the hands of the salon’s best hair stylist.

You arrive on time, initially everything goes as expected: a pleasant greeting, your coat is taken, there’s the offer of a hot drink then you are led to the basin to begin the first of your treatments.  Just when your mind is drifting away with the exquisitely pleasurable scalp massage, you feel a gentle tap on your shoulder and the stylist asks, very sweetly and politely, if she could just quickly see to some other customer.  You smile back, just as sweetly, and say ‘that’s fine!’ or something similar – you’re sure she won’t be long, the other customer just needs the temperature of their hair dryer adjusted. (more…)


Don’t get caught in the rain!

February 11, 2013


Or maybe I should just say “Get yourself a wig girl!”  I’m referring of course to the article Countdown to 2 inches  which will strike a chord with anyone who has had their hair shrink beyond all recognition on a night out.

It’s true though, a wig can be really useful when you’re having a bad hair day or you haven’t the time and energy to be stressing with your natural mane.  You can find wigs of every style, hair texture and colour, just be sure you don’t then move to the opposite extreme of becoming dependent on wigs whilst your own hair becomes a broken and unkempt mess!


Traditional African Hair Styles

February 3, 2013

Have you read the article Ain’t nothing wrong with nappy hair?  I really like those two traditional hair styles pictured in the article (the black & white photos), they look so intricate. Those 2 were from south eastern Nigeria, somehow I doubt anyone there does their hair like that any more.  It’s a shame, I wonder how many styling methods have been lost over the years.


More dreadlock problems

September 30, 2008

It seems it’s not just Nigerian football managers that have a problem with dreadlocks, the area manager of a prison in South Africa isn’t too impressed by them either! Mandla Mkabela of Pollsmoor Prison says that allowing Rastafarian warders to wear dreadlocks would “open the floodgates” of indiscipline.

Dreadlocks definitely have an image problem in Africa. If you do wear this hairstyle it’s important to keep the hair and scalp clean; pay regular visits to the hair stylists for conditioning and maintenance; and if you’re having a bad hair day, tie it up neatly with a scarf and/or hair band.


Black Hair Art by Sonya Clark

August 5, 2008

Black Hair Necklace
Black Hair Necklace

Sonya Clark is currently exhibiting at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.

Her exhibition, “Loose Stands, Tight Knots”, ends Sept. 21st so you’ve still got plenty of time to see it.

The show features art pieces that she’s made from her hair (and that of other women).

If you’re in the area go and take a look, some of her creations look absolutely amazing.



No dreads at the Olympics

August 2, 2008

Dreadlocks on Footballer

You’re not going to see too many dreadlocks at Beijing in the coming weeks, well at least not on members of the Nigerian football team. In an attempt to instill focus and discipline, the team’s manager, Samson Siasia, has banned dreadlocks and ‘weird hairdos’ from their camp. Apparently there are quite a number of players who’ll be affected by this and will have to have their hair cropped short.

Dreadlocks Updo
Dreadlocks Updo

Ignoring the question of whether men with long or way-out hairstyles are less disciplined than their colleagues with short hair, it does highlight the fact that dreadlocks and rasta hairstyles are perceived as rebellious and unruly, if not unkempt, in much of the world.

But this needn’t be so, there are so many ways of wearing dreadlocks. Take a look at the second picture for example, a lady with her locks held in an updo – what a neat and elegant style it is.

Over the coming months we’ll try and show you different ways of wearing your dreadlocks and natural black hairstyles.

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