Count Down To 2 Inches

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Count Down To 2 Inches

Count Down To 2 Inches

It's been raining again.

And much as I appreciate the watering of the flowerbeds and the end of the hose pipe ban, the pitter-patter always causes me to let out deep sighs of discontent.

My hair. So sleek, so shiny, so sophisticated after hours of primping - it never lasts very long in this kind of weather.

Interview Day

10 Inches
Wash, condition, steam, curlers, dryer, hot comb, press, oil and finally itís tamed.

Bone-straight hair, ready for the interview. After all there's an image to fit Ė plaits, afros, kinks and anything remotely natural are too aggressive, apparently too loud a statement for the corporate world.

straighten natural hair

8 Inches
The rain is really coming down heavily now. Two minutes later and I would have had it.

Believe me when I blame it on the stress of the interview Ė forgetting umbrellas is not something this lady normally does, but Iím nearly at the bus stop and if I hold my bag up at a certain angle over my head Iím sure my hair will be fine.

Itís not too bad thank goodness, my hair is at that wavy stage I quite like. A bit of body, kind of exotic, a tad sexy Ė hey, looking good!

6 Inches
But where's the bus? Hiss. I can't afford to miss this interview. What?!! All buses cancelled, I have to walk in the rain?

This is turning into a real disaster, my hair isnít even growing down anymore. Instead it's growing outwards, very soon upwards!

Iíll just pop into this shop and buy a comb. Huh Ė they donít sell wide-toothed combs, how exactly am I expected to run this through my not-so-smooth-anymore hair?

comb natural hair

4 Inches
Yes, it's an Afro. And not the smooth funky type either Ė this is a lumpy, uneven mass of knots. Perhaps a head wrap would be a good idea, we women of colour always do them so well.

Hmm a brightly coloured head wrap, not quite the City Professional look I was aiming for but let's gauge the reaction Ė No? No, she didn't think so either.

2 Inches
I didn't get the job.

nappy hair
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