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Traditional African Hair Styles

February 3, 2013

Have you read the article Ain’t nothing wrong with nappy hair?  I really like those two traditional hair styles pictured in the article (the black & white photos), they look so intricate. Those 2 were from south eastern Nigeria, somehow I doubt anyone there does their hair like that any more.  It’s a shame, I wonder how many styling methods have been lost over the years.

The picture below shows some more styles of that type.  I thinks some of them were only meant for special occasions, apparently they couldn’t all be undone, if you were tired of the style you’d have to cut it off (much like dreadlocks).

Numbers 1 and 3 look a bit like those in the article.  I really like the look of number 5 (assuming the sections are flat against the head).

Which ones do you like?


Traditional African Hairstyles

Traditional African Hairstyles

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2 Comments on “Traditional African Hair Styles”

  1. Annabel says:

    Oh wow, I love some of these styles. I need to figure out how I can do that number 5 style! Thanks for a great article.

    • LandL says:

      Hello Annabel, we like number 5 a lot too! As to how to achieve it, couldn’t really say – does anyone have any ideas?

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