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I didn’t get much sleep last night

July 30, 2008

Because my mum came round to take her braids out. There was a lot of them and they were very small :-( .

She was going to have her hair re-plaited and as the hair stylist lives closer to me she thought it would be best to have it done round mine, so she spent the night.

Now my mother is a modern working woman, busy with lots going on – she didn’t turn up till 11.30pm, I had already given up on her!

She turned up at 11.30pm with a full head of small Ghana style braids and a stylist coming first thing in the morning!!!

No problem she said, nothing for you to worry about – just sleep, I go to bed around 2am most nights she said, I don’t need much sleep. So we went to bed, me to get some shut-eye, she to take her hair out (in the dark but with the curtains open).

But of course sleep was impossible for 3 reasons:

1. Even though it’s a large double bed, I felt every single movement, every tug of the hair. I tried counting tugs (thousands there were!) but to no avail.

2. My darling mother, bless her, was wide awake and had lots to say that may have been interesting to hear some other time but was decidedly unwelcome at 3:00am.

3. But by far the biggest factor of course was guilt! How could I sleep peacefully when my mum was spending hours taking out her hair next to me?! Oh I did try to help – every so often I’d stretch up and take a couple out but I was so exhausted, London is hot and humid right now and you know how draining that can be.

Used Hair Attachment
The only evidence of a hard nights work
A bag of used hair attachment

Well, happy to say the nightmare is over. She managed to get them all out and her hair washed & steamed (at the salon down the road) just in time for the hair stylist to start on the next hair do. And what a wonderful job the stylist has done – well worth our efforts. And thankfully she hasn’t done them as small as the last time!

Ghana Plaits Side View
Ghana Plaits – Side View
Ghana Plaits Back View
Ghana Plaits – Back View
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2 Comments on “I didn’t get much sleep last night”

  1. It really hurts to know your mom had to go though. If ony you had the Take Down Removal cream-it would have made the process fast, easy and no hair breakage. Please let your friends know and grab a bottle as well!!!

    Our mission is to maintain and preserve your God given beauty


  2. deborah says:

    I understand both sides… when you have to get your hair done… I had my 9 year old daughter with micro plaits that I did my self…..and. I dreaded taking the out.. she had a dance the next day. And I started at 8 pm w both conked oit at 11pm …Now I cat let my child look like a mess for her dance.. so I woke up at 4am the follwing morning finshed the unplaiting of her hair.. washed it ant press it out and out into drop curls …WOOW I was exhausted. She has a lot of hair.. …kudos to your mom she has a lot of energy… I guess from. Lots of practice.

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