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More dreadlock problems

September 30, 2008

It seems it’s not just Nigerian football managers that have a problem with dreadlocks, the area manager of a prison in South Africa isn’t too impressed by them either! Mandla Mkabela of Pollsmoor Prison says that allowing Rastafarian warders to wear dreadlocks would “open the floodgates” of indiscipline.

Dreadlocks definitely have an image problem in Africa. If you do wear this hairstyle it’s important to keep the hair and scalp clean; pay regular visits to the hair stylists for conditioning and maintenance; and if you’re having a bad hair day, tie it up neatly with a scarf and/or hair band.


Black Hair Art by Sonya Clark

August 5, 2008

Black Hair Necklace
Black Hair Necklace

Sonya Clark is currently exhibiting at the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland.

Her exhibition, “Loose Stands, Tight Knots”, ends Sept. 21st so you’ve still got plenty of time to see it.

The show features art pieces that she’s made from her hair (and that of other women).

If you’re in the area go and take a look, some of her creations look absolutely amazing.