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Dreadlocks Repair Tech (Freelance Stylist)

p.o.box 115331
Atlanta 30310
United States

Phone: 206-350-7971
Email:  globalbeautyaction@yahoo.com

Dreadlocks Repair Tech

If your locks are splitting into two or bunching together, try the dreadlock repair product.

You can unravel the locks that are giving birth to a new lock and the re-lock your hair again......it's a miracle.

My hair is still well past my shoulders and absolutely healthy.

In fact, it takes anywhere from 10-20 minutes to remove each loc; depending on the length and thickness of your locs.

Hair grooming, no matter how natural or gently the process can causes stress to your hair.

To safely unlock your hair, saturate each loc with the Take Down Removal Cream. The amount depends on the length and thickness of the loc.

Even if your locks are young, The cream softens the loc and minimizes breakage. Remember, your shredded hair is part of the loc. Therefore, when you unravel your loc, this hair will come out.

There is also oil, shampoo or dust locked into your hair. This build up will come out too.

However, the majority of your hair will remain.
Give yourself a week or two to remove your locks, doing as many as possible daily.

I suggest working from the edges of the back, middle or the sides of your hair. That way, you can pull the unlocked hair back. The hair that shows will look like un-twisted new growth that is groomed and pulled away from your face.

Wearing locks and then taking them out is like giving your hair a break from all maintenance.

Maintain and Preserve your God given beauty…..

Let me know how your locks look now! Cheers

Dreadlock Repair and Remover

Dreadlock Repair and Remover
Women are secretly suffering from improper removal of hair extensions, braids, braiding hair extensions, add-on hair, fusion, bonding hair glue, weaves and dreadlocks.

Add-on hair should be worn for enhancing beauty-not because of self inflicted balding and hair damage.