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Sample Salon (Barber Shop)

21 Sample High Street
Sample Town
Sample City SS12 9SS
United Kingdom

Phone: 020 8888 2222
Email:  info@sample-salon.com

Sample Salon

Sample Salon has been at the cutting edge of the black hair industry for over 15 years. Our 5 full time stylists have won every award going.

We offer a very high standard of service and our professionalism is second to none. Our motto is "The Client Comes First Every Time".

We also offer a range of industry accredited training courses and pride ourselves on being the number one choice for juniors seeking a way into this competitive field.

Sample Image

Sample Image
How did we create this look?

After retouching the roots with our proprietry no-lye relaxer we set the hair with larger rollers and then, working on small pieces at a time, used a straigtener to smooth the hair, making sure to create movement whilst doing so.

Our client asked us for a style that enhanced her looks yet was easy to maintain. We're sure you'll agree we achieved this!

NOTE: This is just an example. You should upload images of your own creations.