Black Hair: Uniquely Different and Beautifully You

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Black Hair: Uniquely Different and Beautifully You

Black Hair: Uniquely Different and Beautifully You
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When it comes to styling, Black hair textures present some unique challenges. As diverse as our skin tones – from darkest ebony and butterscotch cream to milky white and everything in between – Black hair runs the gamut from sleek and straight to extremely curly. And having high yellow skin, sometimes a result of racially mixed parentage, does not guarantee silky straight tresses. Black women with skin as dark and smooth as a midsummer moonless night can have hair completely void of kinks or curls – bone straight and down to the waist. While light skinned sisters, who could easily pass for White, defy logic with extremely kinky curls. But hair of all types is simply a result of genetics; and straight, wavy, curly and extremely kinky hair can occur in all races.

Historically, Black women and men, “blessed” with straighter hair and lighter skin tones were highly esteemed and said to have “good” hair, while those with kinky hair were shunned. However, in the early 1900s, Madame C.J. Walker, an African American laundress, dreamed about a mixture which would cause her damaged, extremely curly hair to grow. She later developed the first chemical relaxer, which gave Black women with kinky hair the ability to straighten and lengthen their natural locks.

Today, Black women around the world have thousands of hair care products to choose from and thankfully, the stigma of extremely curly hair has vanished. With the aid of advances in cosmetology and chemistry, Black women are no longer limited by a lack of beauty products for all types of hair. They can now choose from almost an infinite number of styling options: naturally curly, chemically straightened, thermal pressed, cold waved, braided, dreadlocked and more! Today’s Black woman has truly become a diva in her own right and her diversity has redefined the world’s standard for beauty.

Don’t let your skin color or hair texture determine your self-perception. Whether your skin is dark or light, or your hair straight or curly, you are one of a kind. We can’t change our skin color, but we can make the best of what nature gave us through professional hair styling options. Flaunt your beautiful Blackness by finding the right product for your glorious hair and let your natural loveliness shine.

Black hair – it’s about feeling good about who you are, uniquely different and beautifully you!
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